Water Department
City of Kingman
(620) 532-3111
324 North Main St.
P. O. Box 168
Kingman, KS 67068-0168

The City's water supply is furnished partially by a number of natural springs. The original "flow line," as it is called, consisted of a wooden pipe with metal bands. The springs were first tapped in 1908. About 1915 the old wooden line from the springs was replaced with a twelve-inch cast iron line. The City water wells now provide the majority of the water supplied to the city of Kingman.

Two wells, which were located west of the light plant, and a well on the courthouse grounds have been abandoned. In 1953 a well was developed in the southwest part of town, capable of producing 100 gallons per minute. In 1955 the McBurney well was added producing 100 gallons per minute. Two more wells were added on the town system in 1968.

In 1958 and 1959 the 500,000 gallon spheroid water tower was erected at Main and Kansas Avenue and the 70,000 gallon tank which was located at Main and Avenue was dismantled. The past storage capacity was 569,650 gallons in two underground reservoirs at the light plant and the 500,000 gallon water tower at the high school.
The present storage capacity is 1,000,000 gallons in an underground reservoir and 500,000 gallons in the water tower. The springs can produce 500,000 gallons per day and the city's three wells can produce 1,600,000 gallons per day.

Kingman is known far and wide as the "town with plenty of Soft spring Water" quoted from the Leader-Courier March 22, 1940.

In 1904 a vote of 276 to 37 approved a proposition to issue $35,000 in bonds to build water works. John Hoover dug the wells near the present light plant, finding good water at 35 ft. The 36 lots of Sherman Street were processed for $700 and the station house was erected at a cost of $950. Two pumps capable of pumping 300 gallons of water per minute were installed and equipped with Olds gasoline engines. This building still stands surrounded by the present light plant building.


Dale Robinson,
Superintendent, Class III Certified Operator

Tom Archer, Class III Certified Operator

Michael Jacobs, Class II Certified Operator

Vacant, Operator in Training


First two thousand gallons or fractional part thereof, $15.00;
Thereafter or fractional part thereof, $3.25 per thousand gallons.

Nonresidents charged an additional $8.00 per month.

$50.00 refundable deposit required for rental properties.

For additional rate information call the City of Kingman at (620) 532-3111.