Aerial view of airport improvements, Kingman, Kansas
 Aerial view of Clyde Cessna Field in Kingman, Kansas.

Kingman Airport

Clyde Cessna Field

(620) 532-1279
P.O. Box 168 /
2014 N. Koch Industrial Road
Kingman, KS 67068

Kingman County
Kingman, Kansas


Kingman City Hall



Kingman's Clyde Cessna airport showing the Lindt Terminal Building in the backgroundThe Kingman Municipal Airport, Clyde Cessna Field continues to strive to improve the service and use of the airport.  The airport is in the process of constructing another T-Hangar Building, which will have the capability of housing 12 additional aircraft.  Completion is anticipated to be in the fall of 2009.

Services offered at the airport include hanger rental, plane rental, fuel, flight instruction, pilot testing, and aircraft maintenance.

First jet to land at Kingman airportFirst jet lands at Kingman Airport

This CITATION aircraft belonging to Parker Drilling of Houston, Texas, made a flight to Kingman Sunday to become the first jet aircraft to use the new Kingman 4300-foot main runway.  The same jet returned to Kingman Tuesday, again on company business.

From the Kingman Leader-Courier, Friday, December 7, 2001.  Used by permission.

FAA Designation:


North/South Runway:

  • Primary 4,300' x 75'
  • 6" Concrete Surface, 30,000 pound single wheel gear weight limit
  • Pilot Controlled Lighted Runway
  • REILS and PAPI Navigation Aids
  • Back Taxi

East/West Runway:

  • Crosswind 3,400' x 60'
  • 6" Concrete Surface, 30,000 pound single wheel gear weight limit
  • No runway lights or navigation aids
  • Back Taxi

Lindt Terminal Building

  • Open 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
  • Pilot's Lounge
  • Airport Manager's Office
  • Restroom with shower
  • Conference Room
  • Pilot Testing Center
  • Free Coffee


Main Apron:
     Size: 350' x 200'
     10 Tie Down Spaces


Secondary East Apron:
     4 Tie Down Spaces
     small aircraft only

Airport Manager:

Allen Kerschen   (620) 532-1279


Fisher Aviation.  By appointment.  Call 620-532-2311.


100 LL (Low Lead)   $4.20 per gallon


  • Hangar Rental
  • Flight Instruction and Plane Rental provided by Kingman Air Incorporated.
    Call (620) 532-5604.


The current site for moving the Kingman Airport was selected and purchased in 1946.  The original primary surface was turf.  An asphalt surface for a primary runway surface of 3900' x 50' was constructed in 1971.  The first turf crosswind, 2,600' x 170', was also constructed in 1971.
In 1988 a group of local citizens concerned with the deterioration of the airport was formed to find ways to improve the airport.  In 1992 a new development plan was adopted and approved by FAA.  FAA funding for such improvements, however, did not happen until 1999.  The first grant fund improvements for the airport started in year 2000.
The City of
Kingman, with financial aid from FAA and KDOT grant funds, is completing Phase I and II of the Kingman Airport Master Plan. 


Kingman County Economic Development Council, Inc. & Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce
322 North Main St., Kingman, KS 67068
(620) 532-1853

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